Medical Medium Retreat 20-30 April 24

Join us for a rejuvenating experience as we host the Medical Medium Detox Program. 

Our ten-day detox program is designed to harness the remarkable healing power of the body, clean our liver, utilising key elements such as sleep, fresh air, stress-free movement, proper nutrition, and freshly made juices. 


This exclusive program focuses on purifying both body and mind, eliminating clutter, heavy metals, pathogens, and excess weight. 

Inspired by the detox expertise of Medical Medium, Anthony Williams, we provide organic meals, juices, and smoothies tailored for a comprehensive body and mind detox. 

Your stay will be a deliberately slow- paced journey, where we take lavish care on your body, mind, and soul. 


Private sea-view bedroom and bathroom
Daily detox menu (including certain juices/smoothies) Two yoga sessions daily
Sound healing and Yoga Nidra 

One massage
One reflexology session 

Coaching sessions (pre-arrival, during, and post-stay) “Awakening”workshop/lectures 

One guided excursion Organized hiking Organized work shops during week Limited participant group size 

Price: 1495 euro, all included except additional services as described below 


Simplified Detox Program:
Ideal for detox newcomers, offering juices, meals, and 

snacks throughout the day, ensuring hydration. 

Advanced Detox Program:
Suited for those familiar with detoxing, featuring reduced 

food intake with a final day of juices and tea. 


While some may question the necessity of detoxing, the reality is that our modern lives expose us to 

toxins from all angles. 

Scientific evidence supports the numerous benefits of detoxing, including pain and inflammation reduction, increased energy, improved sleep, a stronger immune 

system, removal of toxins and pathogens, weight management, enhanced mind-body connection, and improved skin and hair health. 

Beyond the physical, our detox is also a spiritual journey. Throughout your stay, challenge your thought patterns, practice self-love, and initiate lasting changes with the support of our experienced coaches. 


Holistic nutrition 


Bach remedy sessions 

Energy healing

Private yoga lessons 

Conscious tuning fork session 


Consultation and Disclaimer: Consult your doctor if on medication, facing health issues, or with any concerns. This information does not replace professional health advice, and participants should consult licensed healthcare practitioners before making health-related decisions. 

Embark on a journey to holistic well-being with Kathy’s Island Retreat—an oasis of health and tranquility on the captivating Greek Island of Karpathos. 


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