Holistic Wellness Retreat 30 June – 7 July 24

Are you yearning for a profound lifestyle change but unsure where to begin? 

Is your body signaling a need for change, and yet you find yourself struggling to decipher its messages? 

Are you exhausted by the constant mental chatter, craving nothing more than tranquility and inner peace? 

Imagine a sanctuary, a magical place crafted to address these very challenges. A haven
where the art of calming the mind is taught, facilitating a deep (re)connection with 

oneself. A retreat devoid of bustling to-do lists, free from the pressure of
accomplishments—a space dedicated solely to your well-being. 

Are you prepared to embark on a journey towards becoming the best version of 


Picture a place where you can ground yourself, breathe deeply, and release that which no longer serves you. 

Nestled by turquoise waters and enchanting mountains, it is the ideal setting to rejuvenate, creating space for self-care and introspection. 

Enter our Conscious Holistic Detox Week, an immersive experience designed to address every facet of your life—a 360-degree approach. 

Together, we will delve into nutrition, explore mental patterns, and assess energy levels—a holistic examination of self. 

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of a Greek Island, mere minutes from the sea, indulge in daily ocean baths, organic cuisine, energy healing, massages, and various supporting treatments. 

What’s included

Healthy, fresh, and organic detoxifying diet (anti-inflammatory, vegan, and gluten-free)
Daily fresh organic juices and invigorating shots 

Daily Hatha Yoga classes (with the group)
1x Yoga Nidra session during the week 1x Sound Healing session during the week
1x Massage session during the week
1x Reflexology session during the week 1x Emotion Code session
“Awakening” workshop/lectures
1x Hiking excursion during the week Daily meditation
Breathwork sessions, teaching various techniques for your daily routine Nutrition and Juicing workshops Practical workshop during week Learning how to form and integrate new habits and routines for your life back home 


Beautiful rooms overlooking the sea with air-conditioning and private terrace.

Karpathos Island

An unspoiled island connected to nature, the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Additional Services 

Holistic nutrition coaching 

Bach remedy sessions 

Energy healing/Chakra work

Conscious tuning fork session 

Private yoga lessons 

Let’s Get Started! 

Embark on a journey to holistic well-being with Kathy’s Island Retreat—an oasis of health and tranquility on the captivating Greek Island of Karpathos. 


1795 EURO 

Consultation and Disclaimer: 

Consult your doctor if on medication, facing health issues, or with any concerns. This information does not replace professional health advice, and participants should consult licensed healthcare practitioners before making health-related decisions.