Qi-gong Retreat, 23-30 September 18

Welcome to a fantastic Qi-gong Retreat with Qi-gong Master Inger Johanne Vesje.

This Qi-gong week will include the following:

  • A variation of Ma Wang, a beautiful Qi-gong series Inger Johanne learned from Professor Zhang from China.
  • There will be exercises for each Meridian
  • We will practice Yin yoga (Taoist yoga) which opens and strengthens the body in a calm and responsible manner
  • You will learn about the Meridians, Acupressure and principles in Tai Chi to increase understanding of Chi
  • Swimming in the lovely turquoise sea
  • Sunbathing and relaxation
  • New friends

Who is this Retreat for?

This course is considered a course for beginners, but it will also be training for yoga, tai chi and qi-gong practitioners, for therapists, and for people with physical and mental issues they want to work with like, for example insomnia, arthritis, back pain mm.

About Inger Johanne Vesje 

Inger Johanne Vesje has been working with movement for more than 30 years.

She has studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1991 and in 1998 she started her own studio teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong in Tønsberg, Norway. Beside her own studio, she is hired to teach Tai Chi and Qi-gong in different centres in Oslo, Norway.

She is educated in Tai Chi and Qi-gong, from numerous trips to China, USA, Spain, Italy, Scotland and England. After several international exams, she is now a member of the British Health Qigong Association, and was chosen as the only Norwegian participant to participate in the 2nd International Health Qigong Seminar for European Instructors.

Education next to the School of Life: International Exam in Health Qigong. Examination in “Mindfulness / Attentive Presence” from Higher School (30 credits) with theses in Mindfulness movement for the chronically ill. Examination in Acupressure from Axelson and Tai Chi for arthritis. Chemical Engineer from Oslo University of Engineering and Biology from the University of Oslo. Work experience 20 years as ballet teacher and dancer. 15 of the years she had her own ballet school in Oslo.

About Qi-gong

Qi-gong is strength exercises for the Body, the Soul and the Meridians. They are easy to perform. It is Meditation, Breathing and Movement in one.

There are many different styles and Inger Johanne teaches, among other things, Medical Health Qi-gong (Health Qi-gong) that contains both medical and pre-existing exercises for body and mind.

Health Qi-gong is the classical exercises taught all the way up to the master’s level at the Universities of China and has now spread to many places around the world.

The common goal for Meditation and Eastern Medicine is to balance and improve the flow of energy (Chi). When the flow is balanced, inner joy, peace and silence is present.


We will serve delicious vegetarian food from the Mediterranean kitchen. There will also be some vegan alternatives during the week.


One of the days of the week, we visit the old mountain village of Olympos where we will enjoy dinner while overlooking a magnificent sunset.

We will also visit one of the island’s beautiful beaches, where we will spend the day on the beach and have a delicious lunch.

For more information about the week, contact us here: http://www.greeceretreats.gr/nb/kontakt/