Deva Yoga with Katrine, 17-24 June 18


Welcome to a wonderful week of Yoga, Meditation, Beach, Sun and lovely summer temperatures.

This Retreat is suitable for everyone, regardless of your health shape or form and whether you have experience with yoga or not. This week is all about enjoyment, recharge, laughter, finding joy and presence and to find back to who you truly are!

Yoga classes will be nourishing, gentle, therapeutic and powerful. Katrine will teach you the feminine and therapeutic Deva Yoga, soft and nourishing Yoga Somatic and Hatha yoga, quiet restorative yoga exercises, yogic philosophy and meditation.


Katrine Berge is a Yoga Therapist and an experienced Yoga Teacher with more then20 years of practice. Katrine is educated in Integral Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Somatic, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Medical Yoga, and has over several years developed the Deva Yoga concepts for muscle disorders and chronic pain. She has written a book about Yoga as Therapy for muscle disorders and offers education in Deva Yoga for yoga teachers and health workers.

Katrine has been doing yoga full time since 2006 and has taught over 6,000 individuals and has held courses and lectures both in Norway, Europe and the United States.


This week we serve delicious vegetarian food from the Greek cuisine. We have our own organic vegetable garden and uses as many ingredients from the garden as possible.


Besides yoga exercise you will have time for relaxation, walking, beach visits and wonderful time in nature. We’re going on three excursions during the week. There will be visits to the lovely Lefkos and beautiful Kyra Panagia. One afternoon, we will go to Olympos where we get to experience authentic Greek culture at its best.

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