Hiking & Yoga Retreat, 7-15 May 18

Welcome to an amazing Hiking Retreat on beautiful Karpathos. This week we will take you on a wonderful journey through the Islands’ many valleys and mountains. You will be surrounded by magnificent nature, turquoise blue sea, clear blue sky and the warm spring sun. Karpathos in the spring is an experience people fall in love with – and that is why they come back year after year.

You will be taken on 5 different hikes during the week by our experienced Dutch guide Reiny. We will visit the beautiful area of Saria, in the north of the Island, we will visit Kali Limni – the tallest mountain of Karpathos. There will be breath taking views on all the hikes, so bring your camera!
We will visit the old mountain village of Olympos where we will have dinner while watching a beautiful sunset. Of course you will have the option to spend alone time, if you need this. We have several hammocks in the trees around the Retreat, where you can relax and look at the sea which is just a few meters below the house.
There will be time for swimming and sunbathing too. There are two beaches in walking distance from the Retreat.

This Retreat is perfect for people who wants to enjoy the nature and peace during hikes. Some of the walks will be long (about 4-5 hours walk. You will need proper hiking shoes and a good health. Hiking sticks can be borrowed.
The island’s physiotherapist also comes during the week so if you want massage, then this is also possible. This takes place outside under the shade of some beautiful pine trees and is a wonderful experience! The massage treatments are not included in the price.
The Owner of Kathy’s Island Retreat will offer Yoga sessions in the morning for those who are interested in this. This is an extra option and is not included in the total price.
The same goes for Art Work Shop. Reiny has her own Art work shop where you can enjoy and challenge your creative side. If this is of interest, please contact us for more information.

Pictures that should go with this are in folder “HikingRetreatApril17”