Yoga Teacher Training, 8-29 July 18

Welcome to a 3-week of Yoga Teacher Training!

Yoga is expanding all over the world bringing inner peace and many health benefits to practitioners.

However, the Western world has taken the original Yoga, commercialized it and downgraded it to something that people do with their bodies.

Yoga was always meant to be about the mind and about using the body to go into postures that will help the detoxification and relaxation process.

On top of this, the modern human being is restricted from experiencing the higher states of consciousness or yoga (state of union) from limiting beliefs and energy blockages.

Yoga Program

This program is about experiencing the real yoga and achieving a shift in consciousness.

The trainee will receive certification 200Hr Yoga Alliance and will be capable to lead a class of students in all the different types of asanas, pranayama, meditations and sound healing.

Further to successful completion of the program and further practice candidates will also have the possibility to receive additional certifications to enable them to take part and lead training of new teachers in this conscious form of yoga.

A morning session waking up to the glorious Greek summer sun where we will be practicing on the yoga terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea. Morning practice will start with seated mindfulness meditation enjoying the morning quietness and continue with pranayama and deep Hatha practice energized by the morning sun.

In the evening, we practice sunset Yoga and Meditation – a more chilled out session preparing you for an evening of peace and tranquility. It will be deep and gentle alternating between Hatha, restorative and partner yoga combined with a deep relaxation at the end of each practice preparing the body for taking in the lunar energy.

The Yoga Teachers


Elias was raised at the south suburbs of Athens in an affluent environment close to the sea. From an early age he excelled in school, sports and especially swimming and sports to do with the sea and water. At the age of 18 he moved to England to study where he achieved BEng, MSc, MPhil and IMechE status in engineering and where he also came in touch with yoga for the first time. Through his professional career he has been integral for the sales, negotiation, execution of significant investments in wind energy and has personally invested in property, tourism and tech projects. In 2009 he has diagnosed with testicular cancer with metastasis in the belly area. When faced with the possibility of transition he understood that his life wouldn’t have meaning on the path he was on and decided that if he was to remain at this level he would be of contribution to others.  Once his health had improved he pursued more personal training he pursued a project where others and he would cross a sea for people involved with cancer with windsurf, kitesurfing, kayaks and small sailing boats. It was also in 2012 that his first spiritual teacher came to his life, Paramahansa Yogananda and in 2013 he visited India to receive initiation in Kriya yoga.

He continued to practice karma yoga and inspire others to be of contribution that led to a number of festivals happening such as the Well Being Festivals to spread the use of meditation and yoga in Greece, the Athens Spirit Film Festival and others. 

He is a Sound, Aroma and Energy Healer and puts together a yoga training that will bring yoga and yoga teachers closer to the purpose of yoga. He completes the writing of 4 books in relation to life, personal growth, conscious communities and what is possible on the spiritual path. He pursues ever higher states of consciousness and has devoted his life to causes that have positive and meaningful impact to humanity.


Kathrine Brustad is the founder of Kathy’s Island Retreat and comes from Oslo, Norway. In 2010 she moved from Oslo to Karpathos with her family and she currently lives in the capital town, Pigadia with her three children. She is an open-minded, spiritual person, always looking to learn new things about herself and personal growth is very important to her. As a yoga teacher she tries to practice yoga both on and off the mat on a daily basis as she knows from experience what an amazing impact the practice has on herself and for the people around her.Kathrine has a Bachelor Degree from Holland, where she studied International Hospitality Management. Since then she has worked for several hotels and hotel chains around Europe. Starting up Kathy’s Island Retreat brought all her school training and work experience together. She is always striving towards providing guests the best service and experience they can possibly get.


A healthy lifestyle is very important to us. The menu consists both vegetarian and vegan food and if you would like a raw food diet this can also be accommodated upon request. Should you have any dietary issues, like gluten, milk intolerance or allergies, we will take this into consideration when planning the menu.

Breakfast is served with fresh organic eggs, fresh fruit, and a variation of muesli and nuts – and of course Greek yogurt and honey. Lunch and dinner consists of tasty and healthy Greek dishes, many from their own organic vegetable garden. You will also have a good variety of fruit and vegetable juices.

We enjoy lunch under the shadow of the trees in the garden and in the evenings we gather together one the terrace for a cosy candle lit dinner.

SPA treatments

You can book a massage on site. The massages takes place outside, under big beautiful pine trees. An amazing experience!

You can also book with Elias or Dimitris a private Thai Massage, Aroma Therapy or a Healing session. The energy of the sea and the sun are the perfect combination for an unforgettable experience!

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