Breathing, Hypnosis and Yoga 27 May – 3 June 18


Revitalizing Body and Soul Retreat with Christina Nordstjärna!

Welcome to a week out of the ordinary! This week we offer Yoga, liberating Breathing Techniques, Deep Relaxation with Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness – all in combination with Sun, Sea, gorgeous food and amazing people!

Be your self – everyone else is taken!

This will be a wonderful holiday in a cosy setting where you can allow yourself to see the depth and power of yourself, enjoy swimming and sunshine, go for excursions, meet new people and eat good food. The training offers many proven and documented methods for increased well-being and internal balance.

During the week you will try out several powerful techniques that affect and improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness.

The week offers:

  • Yoga – gives you a stronger and smoother body
  • Deep Relaxation with Hypnosis – a great way to create inner changes, remove unwanted thought patterns and increase space for creativity and new motivation
  • Liberating Breathing – The principle of this breathing method is that there is a direct connection between physical and mental well-being and how we breathe. This week, old patterns that is not benefiting you will be replaced with new and healthy thoughts and attitudes. What a relief that will be!
  • Sound healing with Gong Bath and Singing Bowls

This week we raise awareness and give the soul nutrition. We create space for the timeless state – to be here and now. Perhaps you will have some aha ​-experiences and answer questions that have long been open?

We open the door to a new way “of being” and a new way “of thinking”

“Peace is nothing outside yourself – it’s something you carry with you”

Feedback from previous guests:

“I notice that something has happened to me. I have stronger self-esteem, I feel stronger. It’s as if I’ve got a new force coming from within.” – Anne.

“Christina takes you on an inner journey that is unbelievable. The breath is beautiful and gives strong energy to the body.” Hypnosis is like a dream. I love it! “- Ida.

About Christina 

Specialist Nurse, Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist, Liberating Respiratory Therapist, Yoga / Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Instructor. Have been doing research on the effect of breathing, hypnotherapy and attention training on body and mind since 2012.

She has also lived together with wisdom teachers and gurus in India for 12 years, where she integrated and deepened her personal growth, in order to share all her knowledge and experiences with others.

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